The Journal Of Vincent

The story consists the actions of Vincent, associated with his journal entries. Only a small part was used in the script. Here the variants that are not included in the narrative.

The Journal of Records
Honorable Vincent McDonald

 - After the liberation from the sleep of my patients, I argue that all acts of man are nothing but a dream.

 - The penetration in the sleep is associated with the metamorphosis of penetration subject and penetration object. 

 - I remembered a dream. I see a Lion on the couch in my office, he speaks to me. His words have an amazing sense that I'm not the Creator of my dream, but, on the contrary, it is the dream of a lion I came in. The Lion devours me and becomes like me.

 - I had a doubt for a long time about temporary being of sleep, and my doubts turned into dust when I found myself in the dream of the Doge of Venice, who lived in 1499. His dream is heralded by imminent death, I failed to warn him. I was terrified and confused. How is that possible? Was I in the dead man's dream? I assume the existence of a timeless center, giving birth to the dreams for everyone who is born and dies here.  

 - My love affair with a female patient gained unexpected turns. After another coitus, different dreams were revealed to us but had a similar message: we were at the Museum, she saw the only male statues, and I saw the only female statues; hordes of scorpions were devouring their genitals, granite was similar to sand. Over time it became clear about the origin of the venereal disease.

 - One gentleman came to me with concern that his potency is broken and his jealousy gives birth to dreams of a definite character: his old friend kidnaps all his mistresses straight out of bed, and his wife says by a man's voice. These dreams were haunting and led to disturbances of mental equilibrium, given the character of the gentleman. After considering the problem from different angles, I found a hidden homosexuality in relation to the old friend. Raised in a Protestant family, the gentleman was horrified by what he heard.

 - Today the sad news came about the death of a former patient. Penetrating his sleep, we have built a huge tower and imprisoned wild animals that symbolized his various fears. That's why I had a dream where the animals have escaped from the imprisonment and crushed the last stones. The tower was in ruins.

 - In essence, every century has dreams of a certain nature. They affect a lot of people with different strength. These dreams also have creators, but even the creators are the part of another dream, much more complex and not amenable to understanding.  

 - If the History is a divine dream, then many paradoxes of the highest order gain its patterns. 

 - The narratives related to the eating of sharp objects in the dream clearly indicate the dormant disease of the stomach.

 - If the mind is the door, so I have some keys. But even having the key, you must first knock and hear the response from the owner of the threshold. 

 - I was in the dream of the King. I found the understanding there that this is a foreign territory. There were the others! Who are they?